Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Fellow curly heads, this blog post is for you! If you're like me and have a crazy frizzy mop, that often has a mind of its then feast your eyes on my hints, tips and product suggestions, it's helped me fall in love with my curls, and if you're not feeling the waves, it might do the same for you.

First up, I want to tell you to put down the straighteners, lock them away and throw that key in the bin, because it's time to embrace your natural curls and share them with the world. I hated my curls for years, I did everything I could to smooth them out. In the end, I straightened my hair that much that it started the break and I had to have it cut short. Which isn't cool kids! 

As I've got older, I have found a new love for my curls and have finally started to figure out what does and doesn't work for my hair. The annoying thing is every curl is different, so what works for me might not work for you but what I have found is it's all about trial and error. Test out new products, hair hacks and different cuts to see what suits your mane. 

So, here are the things I have learnt along the way and the curl hair hacks that I use every day. 

Curly Hair Hacks

1. Don't wash your hair too much. Your curls need the natural oils your hair produces, so don't dry it out with too many shampoos! I usually wash mine 1/2 times a week. 

2. Let your hair dry naturally. I always wash my hair in the morning and leave it to dry naturally. Avoid using too much heat on your hair. 

3. Comb your hair in the shower, when your hair your conditioner in. I don't even use a comb, I literally run my fingers through my hair, untangling any knots and smoothing it out. 

4. Blast your hair with cold water at the end of every shower. I find it gives my hair extra shine. 

5. Try Argan Oil on your hair. I absolutely swear by it! I use it all over when wet and then add a little extra in when I want to smooth out any frizz. 

6. Sleep with your hair up. Get yourself a soft 80's style scrunchie and get your hair in the highest possible ponytail. Sleep with your hair up like this and just take it down when you wake up. You shouldn't have to do anything to your curls in the morning. 

For those of you that have highlighted hair like I do, this is the shampoo I use every now and again to get the blonde back. I also love this LUSH conditioner and this Australian Argan Oil, and recently I have been using 100% Argan Oil which is fantastic, you don't need as much as it's so intense. 


Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The water has finally warmed up, and I couldn't be happier. It's time to wear summer wetsuits, and on those hotter days, it's time for shorties. As you should all know by now, I am C-Skins team rider and have been for many years, meaning I have had the chance to try a wide selection of their wetsuits, and I can honestly say this year, their wetsuits are the best yet. So far this season, I have been wearing 3 wetsuits:

C-Skins Rewired Chest Zip // Solace 3:2 Back Zip // Solace 4:3 Chest Zip

To view more of about these wetsuits, just click on the names and check out the C-Skins website but for those interested here are my thoughts.

First up is the C-Skins Rewired Chest Zip 

I love the artwork on this suit, it's bright but also very simple. Sometimes you don't want a bright wetsuit in the water, especially if you have a terrible surf! It's also really nice to have a wetsuit that's not black, the dark navy is a great colour, it's just the right shade of blue.

The first time I wore this wetsuit was actually in the Canaries. The water temperature was very similar to the UK, which was nice. The wetsuit kept me warm, with no pesky back flushes. Personally, I am a big fan of a chest zip. I know some people struggle to get on with them, but I really rate them for keeping your warmer for longer, which on the hot days maybe you don't want but let's face it our British summer times aren't usually that great!

This may be one of my favourite designs. C-Skins have ever released. In my opinion, you cannot beat a black and white combination, if wetsuits can be classed as stylish, then this one indeed is. The 3:2 comes with a back zip, which I usually wouldn't go for. As I have already said I am chest zip surfer through and through BUT this back zip is good quality and doesn't flush. I have surfed this suit both in the UK and abroad and both times haven't had any issues. I found it the perfect wetsuit to surf on the hotter days; also it's a lot easier to get into. 

The 4:3 chest zip version was a great wetsuit to transition into after my winter suits. I love surfing in a 4:3 during the Spring and Autumn months. It's an excellent wetsuit to team up with boots on the colder spring days. For some who feel the cold a 4:3 a perfect wetsuit for both Spring and Summer. 

My personal size guide

I am a pretty standard dress size 8 or 10 depending on the stores, and I am also 5'5. In C-Skins wetsuits I actually go down a dress size and wear a UK 6. Wetsuits sizing can be different to regular clothing sizes, so I would always suggest trying on wetsuits in a variety of sizes before you commit and remember it's just a number. It doesn't matter whether you're a size 4 or 14, as long as it fits that's all that matters, and incidentally, I think the C-Skins wetsuits are the best fitting ones on the market! 

To find your nearest C-Skins stockists - CLICK HERE 

Photo Credits - Megan Hemsworth & C-Skins Wetsuits 


Sunday, 27 May 2018


I've been getting some major skin love recently over Instagram which has prompted me to share the products I have been using this month which I think have helped make a big difference to how my skin looks and feels. Some of these products are new and some are ones I have been using for a while but either way, I am going to share my not so secret skincare tips with you all.

First up here are the skincare products I have been using daily and weekly. 

Living Sea Therapy Body Polish - I use this once a week before bed.  SHOP HERE

Botanics 100% Organic Rose Water - I love the spritz bottle this comes in. I spray it on my face twice a day and even during the day for added hydration. (I bought this from my local Boots store)

Living Sea Therapy Body Butter - Yep, I use a body butter on my face. This is what I add to my face before bed every night.  SHOP HERE

Next up, here are the products I use every morning. 

Moroccan Argan Oil - Amazing on skin and hair, I put a few drops of this into my hands and massage into my face and neck. I love this product so much and generally feel like it's a miracle product. (I bought this from my local Holland and Barret store)

Revolution Pro Foundation - I suffer from hyper-pigmentation which has got SO much worse since being pregnant and this foundation blends evenly, hides my pigmentation and isn't cakey. (I bought this from my local Superdrug store)

I hope this answers any questions you guys had about the products I am using and if you have any other questions just drop me a DM on Instagram. I love hearing from you all. 


Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Fifteen Cornwall Review

Fifteen Cornwall is a restaurant I have only ever dined at once and it was over a lunchtime around Christmas couple of years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it then so I was pretty certain I would enjoy a sunset dinner in spring. This time I got to indulge in this decadent experience with my husband, not just with friends and he was just as excited I was about the prospect of enjoying wonderful food and cocktails together. 

Here's how we found our Friday night at Fifteen. 

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a smile and immediately seated on a table overlooking the stunning Watergate Bay. The sea mist had started to clear, allowing the sun to make an appearance. Our night began with a cocktail and due to my pregnancy, I opted for an alcohol-free beverage, with us both leaving it to the team to choose our tipple of choice. 

It actually took us a while to decide what to eat, everything on the menu looked so delicious it seemed impossible to choose. Luckily the staff are well equipt to answer any questions about the menu, which felt extremely comforting. Their passion and enthusiasm for the food and drink at Fifteen are infectious!

Finally, we made our choices, which for those interested were: 


Mozzarella, broccoli, almonds
Speck, apple, rocket, capers


Dry aged Cornish T-Bone, rocket, parmesan (to share)


Carrots, lentils, salsa, rafana
Cornish Potatoes

Every course did not disappoint. 

The simplicity yet attention to detail worked perfectly together. I often feel when meals have very little ingredients it's hard for to hide their quality or lack thereof and luckily for Fifteen their produce quality is so high that every mouthful tasted divine. Locally sourced, well prepared and perfectly seasoned.

Now, let's talk about the decor!

Major interior envy ... their minimal, Nordic, boho, beach vibe made the whole experience that little more enjoyable. The restaurant had a very contemporary feel which I very much enjoy and with the open kitchen at the heart made the dining experience all the more wonderful. 

Our cocktail and wine pairing could not be faulted, Ben and I very much enjoyed every beverage we indulged in. 

All in all our experience couldn't have gone any better and to anyone who is considering booking a special evening at Fifteen, I urge you to do it! If you enjoy dining by sunset you will love an evening here. 


All profits from Fifteen Cornwall go to its registered charity, Cornwall Food Foundation and together they manage the award-winning Apprentice Programme. 

Monday, 30 April 2018

Aluna & Ginger Cocktail

Sometimes the best flavour combinations are the simplest and this doesn't just apply to food, I also believe you cannot beat a simple cocktail. This 3 ingredient cocktail is up there as one of my favourites. It's fresh, spicy with a hint of paradise tones from the Aluna Coconut Rum. It's a great one to make at home if you fancy an after work treat of something to toast with friends.


Organic Ginger Beer
Fresh Lime


Simply add the shot of Aluna into a short glass, which has been filled with ice. 
Squeeze in the juice of half a lime and add the other half sliced to the glass.
Pour Giner Beer over the rum, ice and link. 
Stir once and serve.


Sunday, 29 April 2018

Pregnancy Skincare

Well, if you haven't already seen ... I am pregnant! 23 weeks to be exact and as a little introduction to my journey into motherhood, I am going, to begin with, a Pregnancy Skincare blog post.

If you're a regular follower of mine then you will know I am a BIG fan of homemade face oils and also the Living Sea Therapy products. Now more than ever skincare seems to be extremely important to me and as soon as I knew I was pregnant, which was in fact very early - 2 weeks to be exact, I began covering my stomach, legs and boobs in homemade oils and body butter. I guess becoming aware that my body was about to take on a dramatic transformation made me more conscious that I had to help it out a little along this crazy journey and keep it as hydrated as possible.

I did a little research on the essential oils to avoid (which I will share in another post) and began mixing up a variety of blends. Naturally, there is no way of me guaranteeing I will avoid ending up with stretch marks but to be honest I am not too worried about this. If I do have stretch marks at the end of my pregnancy then so be it. It's completely natural and something that I will learn to love and embrace, as I have done with my current scars and stretch marks.

So, let's get onto the regime! This is something I do every morning and before I go to bed.

Step One

H O M E M A D E   B O D Y   O I L

3 Drops Lavender
3 Drops Neroli
3 Drops Frankincense
2 Table Spoons Sweet Almond Oil

Want to know why I've chosen these oils? Well here is why.

Lavender: Calming, relaxing and has a great ability to tone and heal skin.
Neroli: Revitalising, evens skin tone and can prevent sagging.
Frankincense: Helps tighten skin tissue, prevents skin sagging and wrinkles
Sweet Almond Oil: An amazing oil to use as a carrier for all of the above.


Apply a small amount into the palm of your hands and massage into the areas you see changes. For me, that's my boobs, hips, waist and stomach. Next up apply the Living Sea Therapy Body Butter.

Step Two

Some Key Ingredients


Living Sea Complex® combines the unique geology of the Lizard peninsula with powerful, distilled Cornish Sea Salt Minerals and a trio of wild Cornish Atlantic seaweeds from the Cornish Seaweed company. Read on below to find out a little more about the key components.


The bouquet from this essential oils triplet of frankincense, palmarosa and neroli is a wonderful combination for your mind and skin. Spicy, lemony and floral, these oils help rejuvenate and regenerate your skin by regulating moisture and oil production while aiding concentration for a stressed mind.


Scoop the body butter into your palms and begin massaging into the same areas as you did with the oil. 

As you can see it's nothing too fancy, it's just simply nourishing the skin with natural oils and vitamin and mineral rich body butter. Like I said, I cannot say where this will prevent any stretch marks but I guess time will tell and if it doesn't that's ok! 

Stay tuned for my pregnancy posts coming soon. 

To shop the Living Sea Therapy Products just click the link HERE.


Monday, 9 April 2018

Azura Bay Swimwear

S U M M E R   V I B E S   A R E   C O M I N G

It finally feels like Spring which means here in the UK we are getting ever closer to my favourite season … swimwear season! Now, yes I know this isn’t really a season but let’s just pretend it is for now. So with all this sunshine filled excitement I thought I would share some of my favourite Azura Bay Summer vibes. These images were all captured by Megan Hemsworth on our January trip to Fuerteventura. 

For those of you that have been following my blog for a while now, firstly thank you, it means a lot that you care about what I write and secondly you will know this isn’t my first collaboration with Azura Bay, I have lost track at how many collaborations we have worked on but it’s clear to say I love what the brand stands for. Azura Bay stock ethically sourced, eco-luxe lingerie, nightwear and swimwear, it’s chosen by women, for women. I love the values behind the brand and that Ashely the owner of Azura Bay knows exactly where and how each garment has been made. 

Well, that’s enough from me, I will let the images and the swimwear do the talking. I have included my sizes below so you can get an idea of what I am wearing and if there are any questions just send me a DM on Instagram or drop me an email to

Shop the looks:

Wearing M in all looks

Photo Credit: Megan Hemsworth 
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