Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Eggs Eggs Eggs

Oh I just really love eggs! They are so versatile, tasty and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Here are some of my quick and easy egg recipes which you can enjoy any time of day. 

Parmesan Eggs

2x Organic Eggs Fried in Lucy Bee Coconut Oil
Handful of washed Watercress
Half a rip Avocado with a squeeze of lime
Gratted Parmesan Cheese


Cashew Eggs

1 Poached Organic Egg
Fresh Black Pepper

Eat it up!

Sweet Potato Eggs


1x Sweet Potato grated
1x Organic Egg
1x table spoon on Organic Flour
Pinch of black pepper and Himalayan salt

Combine mixture in a bowl
Spoon fritters into hot Lucy Bee Coconut Oil
Fry on each side then finish off in the oven

Fry one Organic Egg in Lucy Bee Coconut Oil
Serve with a hand full of Watercress

Then gobble me up!

What's in the fridge eggs?!

Half a white onion (chopped)
1 green pepper (chopped)
1 tomato (chopped)
Handful of spinach
Two slices of Chorizo
Handful of Feta
One Organic Egg whisked

Place all ingredients in a oven proof dish (NOT THE EGG) with a drizzle of olive oil, cook off for 5 mins on a high heat. 
Then pour over eggs and cook until the eggs are cooked. 
Top with hot sauce if you want a kick!

Then fill your tummy!

Almond Eggs

1 slice of toasted MyProtein Dr Zaks Bread topped with MyProtein Almond Nut Butter.
2x Poached Organic Egg
Handful of wilted spinach
Fresh black pepper

Then eat!


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