Tuesday, 22 December 2015


I have a long old winter ahead of me and I know my summer glow is going to fade rapidly but fear not my pale winter skin Tan Organic have come to the rescue and sent me some organic tanning products to use at home.

I will be brutally honest fake tan scares me. Living in Newquay in the summer I have seen many a dodgy fake tan and I really didn't want to resemble a orange this winter. I've only ever had one spray tan before and that faded so patchy that I never tired it again but the thought of trying a tanning product that is actually good for my skin intrigued me.

I first heard about Tan Organic when giving organic skincare a google and thought there would be no harm in trying their products especially ready for the festive season.

Making sure I followed their instruction word for word I tested out Tan Organic last week and I love it!

I used the Tan Erase Exfoliator Glove on my skin to prep for the tan. I focussed on my knees, ankles and elbows as they're usually the driest parts. Once my skin was prepped I then began the tanning process. Using the Self Tan and the Luxury Tan Mitt I applied the tan all over making sure I evenly spread the oil.

What I really loved about this product is that it doesn't smell like fake tan! It doesn't have the horrible biscuit smell that normal fake tanning products have. It went on so easily and gradually built throughout the day. After 4-6 hours I washed it off to reveal sun kissed skin. I looked like I'd just got back off a lovely little sun holiday.

I would 100%  recommend Tan Organic to anyone that wants that straight off the beach look. I have surfed in the Tan and it still stayed on. 

Once I begin to fade which was a good week after applying the tan I simply used the Tan Erase Exfoliator Glove to remove the tan. It's so easy to use and if you want to use a product that is even easier than that then try their Self Tanning Oil which is a worlds first. You simply apply like any other body oil, wash your hands and you're ready to go.

Tan Organic know their stuff and only use Natural Ingredients  such as Avocado Oil, Ginger Root Extract and Chamomile. I can't wait to use the products again ready for Christmas Day!

Photography - Lizzie Churchill
Location - 97 Pentire
Hair - Number 8 Hairdressing 


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