Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Surfer Girls you may already know these tips or do them every time you go for a surf. If you're one of these ladies I salut you! I wish someone had shared them with me, it would of saved my skin, hair and generally made surfing in the winter a little more pleasurable.

Let's face it being a surf girl in the UK & Europe is tough, for three months of the year we basically have to become 90% rubber! Digging deep to put our freezing cold toes into some squelching boots and squeezing our heads into a wet sandy hoods that are possibly a tad too small.

I'm going to share with my own top 5 beauty hacks for the winter surfer girl. If you have your own hints and tips that you want to share please feel free to add any other hints and tips in the comments section.

1. Keep your hair happy

I am a HUGE fan of Coconut Oil. I cook with it, eat it put it on my skin and yes you've guessed it a use it on my hair. My locks are very dry, frizzy and probably a tad sun damaged, so I use coconut oil on my hair before I hit the surf. You don't need a huge amount, I would say the size of a penny is more than enough. Work it into the ends of your hair and then a little into the roots.
If you find Coconut Oil too heavy then try Moroccan Oil / Argan Oil this is just as good and a little lighter on the hair.

I use - Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

2. Plaits, Plaits & MORE Plaits

This is my biggest tip I can share - especially if you're like me and surf in a hood. I section off my hair and go for the good old pig tail plaits. Yes I may not look super cool but trust me it will stop you from ending up with one big dread lock at the back of you neck. I make sure I do all of this after I have put the coconut oil in my hair, it really helps seal in the oil.
When I get out the sea I just simply undo my plaits and comb with a wide tooth comb and just like that you're dread lock free!

3. Wear SPF - YES even in Winter

Your maybe be thinking what....?!!!
It's Winter you can't burn or damage your skin in winter but that's where you're wrong. It's always good to protect your skin from the elements and us surfer girls are out in it all year round! Try a Tinted SPF for Winter, it will give you a bit of colour and protect your skin at the same time. There's loads of SPF foundations & moisterisers out there for everyones budget so there's no excuses ladies.

I use - Green People Age Defy + Tinted DD Moistruriser SPF 15 - Medium 

4. Look after your lips

Wind, rain, hail, snow what ever you're surfing in your lips take a beating. Don't forget to apply a SPF lip balm. Keep those lips protected or they will crack and chap and let's face it know one has time to deal with that!

I use - Weleda Everon Lip Balm

5. Tint your lashes

This only applies to the ladies who wear make up in the sea. I've been caught out SO many times I've lost count. I'll be out for the day with my usual make up on i.e mascara and suddenly the waves turn on. Without even thinking I am in there, a few eye rubs later I resemble a panda bear. So I've recently started tinting my eye lashes so avoid the panda look. There loads of different shades to chose from and even vegan or organic tinted mascaras. It's worth a try if you want hassle free make up that you don't have to take off before a surf.

Happy Surfing Ladies - I hope you're all surviving Winter!

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