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This time last year my finance and I were surfing with turtles and enjoying Bajan rum. Fast forward to the present day and we are both in the UK surfing head to toe in neoprene and rather than sipping on rum cocktails were currently drinking coffee trying to plan our wedding, which is less than 2 months away.

After reminiscing about the amazing time we had together in the Caribbean it inspired me to write a little travel blog about Barbados and share some of my favourite places to surf, eat and sleep!
Barbados is around 8 hour flight away (when travelling from London airports) so it's one flight, no changes or stops which I personally loved.

We decided to fly with Virgin after searching around for flights they came up quite reasonable and they take surfboards! We took advantage of the twilight check in which I can't recommend enough. Travelling with surfboards can be a bit of a nightmare especially if you're travelling at a busy time of day or from a major airport.

Checking our luggage in the night before our flight was epic! We didn't have to rush for a flight after and if our bags were a little over we had time to juggle things around.
Arriving at the airport the next morning with only hang luggage was the most amazing feeling. I felt free to move, no rushing or stressing. I remember saying to myself "this is what none surfers feel like when they travel."

I'd been to Barbados twice previously so I knew exactly where we should stay. We picked the South West of the Island; Christ Church right on the coast. We wanted to have a few things in walking distance if we didn't fancy driving one day. There's some great self catering apartments and houses in this area all close to Miami Beach, Freights Bay and Oisitns.

We stayed in Barbados for 2 weeks and surfed all over the island. Over the 14 days we scored some great surf spots, ate delicious food and travelled all over.

Here are my top tips on where to eat, surf and the things I think you need to know before you book your Bajan adventure.

Top 3 places to eat in Barbados

1. Mr Delicious Bar on Miami Beach
They make great Fish Cakes, Fish Cutters and Rum Punch.

2. Tiki Bar
This is a lovely spot for a sunset cocktail and a pre dinner snack. We stopped here most days on our way back from the surf.

3. Oistins Fish Fry
Real local cuisine, no frills dinning. Just what you need after a whole days surfing.

Top 3 Surf Spots in Barbados

1. Freights Bay
This wave is great for all levels but is more favoured by the beginners and long boarders. Freights in a long left that feels like it goes on forever. You'll see a lot of turtles and have some fun mellow waves. Freights breaks over soft reef and sand.

2. Brandons 
This is also a left but is more suited for intermediate to advanced surfers. It's a really easy wave to get in and out off you just have to pick the sandy patches in between the reef and head in that way.

3. Soup Bowl
I personally don't think this wave is suitable for beginners, it's a right hander which breaks over sharp reef dotted with sea urchins. It's by far one of the best waves I have surfed and also the place where I have had some pretty full on wipe outs.

Top 3 Tips when travelling to Barbados

1. Eat were the locals eat.
Ostins Fish Fry is a absolute must. Fresh fish, big portions and really reasonably priced. I would of eaten there everyday if could of.

2. Visit the East Coast.
Even if you're not keen on surfing the world class wave Soup Bowl it's still worth paying the East Coast a visit. The beaches are rugged and wild and still relatively untouched by tourism.

3. Hire a car.
There are so many beautiful beaches and fun waves to surf you'd be crazy to stay in one spot the whole time. Do you research before you go and pick out the beaches you want to travel to.



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