Sunday, 8 January 2017


Waking up on a Sunday morning, with not a single plan for the day is a feeling I love, the freedom to do anything, or go anywhere without the constraints of time. This Sunday was one of those such days. With a stillness in the air and the sun desperately trying to make an appearance our thoughts moved from breakfast and on to what Cornish adventure we were going to go on today.

We planned our day around food (which is something we always do) and decided it would be a lovely day for a wild fire lunch. I prepared a garden salad, beetroot humous, Ben's homemade flat breads (which are amazing), vegetables and fresh smoked haddock. With our rucksacks packed up we jumped in the van and headed up the coast to a little spot called Mother Ivy's Bay.

I have lived in Cornwall for over 15 years now and still haven't explored all of it's magical beaches, many I visited as a child and are but a distant memory and I wanted to see somewhere new. With so many hidden coves down costal paths and vast open spans of beach to wander on, we thought what better way to spend our Sunday then making memories on little beach somewhere.

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the cool winter air and watched the wild dolphins play in the calm water out front (they were too quick for us to photography, which actually made it more special).

January can be a pretty tough month financially, after over indulging and spending any free cash on presents for loved ones. Come the new year most of us are left with little budget for luxuries (we certainly are) so you have to become a little more inventive when trying filling those weekends. Today barely cost us a penny and we had the most wonderful afternoon, it beats sitting in a stuffy restaurant or slumping on the sofa all day. So don't worry about not having much money, take your lunch to the beach or the park and enjoy the stunning British winter.

Happy Sunday

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