Friday, 6 January 2017


A new year .... A new eating plan

Well hello 2017, I've been really excited to meet you and so far you've not been too shabby (well the cold and flu virus I've had hasn't been great but I think I am out of the worst of it now.)

Before the Christmas I decided that it was time for a change. A change in my diet and lifestyle. I didn't want to call a "new years resolution" because the way I see it, it's a lifestyle overhaul. A time for me to shake things up a little and really analyse the effects of cutting out certain things from my diet and studying the results.

It may seem like a bit of a cliche to start a healthy eating plan in January but I actually think it makes perfect sense. After what feels like weeks and weeks of over eating and drinking, my body is crying out for a health kick and indulgent detox, so that's exactly what I am going to give it.

I am going to be going meat free, refined sugar free, diary free and simply focussing on fuelling my body with whole natural foods such as, fruit, vegetables, nuts and organic super foods. I would be lying if I said I wasn't in the slightest bit nervous about this, however I do think an after the excessive Christmas I may enjoy the change for a couple of weeks or so.

For some of you reading this you may be thinking why on earth would she want to cut all of those things out and yes it may seem a bit access but for a while I have been really questioning what I've been putting my body and wondering if all my hard work in the gym and in the surf is being completely ruined by the things I eat and drink?

Not only have I been questioning the effects food has on my body but also they effects it has on the environment. How far has my food travelled, was it well looked after and killed in a humane way?
For nearly 28 years I have eaten meat (with the exception of maybe a few weeks/months here and there) but I feel that's a long time and I need to listen to my thoughts and conscience. I may come to a point during this time and realise I want to become vegetarian, or vegan, or I may feel like I missed meat and want to introduce it back into my diet but only local organic produce. I guess I will just have to see how the experiment goes.

I intend to share my progress, recipes, thoughts and feelings on my blog and social channels and will share any hints and tips I may collect along my journey.

Here's how the eating plan will look

Starting the day right

500ml glass of clean (filtered if possible) with fresh lemon squeezed into it.

Fresh fruit Juice / Vegan Smoothie

Mid Morning

Vegetable Juice


A large salad, packed with raw fresh ingredients, beans and homemade dressings

Mid afternoon

Vegan Protein or Handful of nuts


Plant based evening meal, Mixed pulses, lentils, seasonal vegetables, steamed and roasted.

Together with my personal trainer at the Sports Hub we have created a plan to suit my goals and I am really excited to get started. To some this may look bland and crying out for meat, but one of my biggest strengths is being extremely creative in the kitchen (ask my husband, we very rarely have the same meal twice) so I am very excited to see what dishes I can create throughout this process.


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