Sunday, 30 April 2017


Summer is synonymous with happiness and I find it near impossible not to feel healthy and happy during these months. My body naturally wants to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and breathing in that fresh summer air. I am lucky enough to get to spend my summers in Cornwall and even though I may work a lot more during these months, I always find the time to enjoy my summer at home. I am passionate about being happy and healthy all year round, but it just seems so much easier to do in summer, so here are my tips on how to make this summer a happy and healthy one!


Whether you practice yoga, pilates, HIIT training or love a good circuits session, do it all outside. Make the most of summer and exercise outdoors. Enjoy the fresh air in your lungs and the sunshine on your skin, all whilst you the blood pumping and your muscles toned.


Don't waste your summer body shaming yourself. So what you may have a bit of cellulite or maybe you don't have a six pack, but at least you're healthy and you are beautiful, inside and out! Don't get pressured into looking a certain way "just for summer". Be healthy, happy and above all love you body! Treat it well and it will look after you for a lifetime.


There's no such thing as bad waves (well most of the time anyway!) The water is warming up, meaning there is no time for excuses. Grab your surfboard and go in search of some fun waves. You won't regret it and even if you do have a crappy surf, think of it as paddle practice!


Summer can be a crazy time for all of us, but it's really important to find time in the madness that can be summer to relax and reflect on your life a little. I am guilty for getting so caught up in my world that I don't often have time to appreciate where I am and how far I have come. Make time to take a step back and look at your life with fresh eyes. Appreciate all that you have and everything you are doing. 


Nourish your body with delicious fresh and healthy food. Summer is a time for fresh salads, fruit, smoothies and healthy BBQ's. Make time to eat and enjoy every last mouthful. Food isn't your enemy and never should it be!


If you really want to boost your vitamins and minerals this summer, why not start your day with a healthy shot (yes they do exist I promise!) I am taking Organic Wheatgrass. It may not taste amazing but it does wonders for you body! It contains all minerals known to man and is extremely rich in protein. 



Tuesday, 18 April 2017


We all have those shops that we just love exploring and if you've ever visited Bon Bon I am sure this is a store thats on that list. This independent store is full of so many beautiful things and I recently had the pleasure of shooting their latest spring & summer collection with the talented photographer and stylist Evie Johnstone. We worked with bright colours and simple backgrounds to show off the amazing detail in all the Bon Bon clothing. Here is the first look from the shoot!


Saturday, 8 April 2017


There is no time to be bored, in a world as wonderful as this

I am going to keep this blog post short and simple because I don't want to spend my morning typing but I saw this quote and it struck a cord with me, so I thought I would share a small fragment of my thoughts with you all on this beautiful Saturday morning. 

After reading this quote I instantly felt that I wanted this to resinate in me and it made me question, why do I feel bored when I am surrounded by beauty and magic?

I want to wake up every day, wide awake to the beauty that is around me. I don't want to become dull and detached from my world. I know this can sometimes feel hard, if you're going through a tough time or life feels a little dull and that's ok. We can't aways feel happy or thankful but we can chose to change our negative thoughts. We control our lives, we are the ones who decided the paths we want to go down. So this weekend, this week, this month, year and lifetime let's enjoy the simple beauty that surrounds us everyday. 

Get outside and explore your world. Find beauty in the smallest of things and don't forget to SMILE. 

Photo Credits - Karl Mackie for Beach Retreats 
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