Tuesday, 9 May 2017


It's not everyday one of your best friend get's married in Cannes and not all your holidays are spent with friends but this particular weekend I got to not only celebrate the marriage of two amazing humans in the South of France, but I got to spend this time with some of the people who make my life epic! 

If you haven't been to Cannes here's some advice, prepare to spend a good chunk of cash and take a camera. There is beauty, character and rustic French culture to capture around every corner and cobbled street. You may pay close to €6 for a bottle of water but you'll get enjoy a breath taking view whilst you drink it. So my bank balance might look a little sorry for itself but you cannot take it with you and I would rather make memories and as my husband always says ... We live a champagne lifestyle on a panda pop wage!

Photo Credit - Corinne Evans 

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