Thursday, 8 June 2017


I love nothing more than transforming my outfits with a good hat. 
For a few years I never felt confident enough to wear hats, but then one day it occurred to me that you don't have to be confident to wear anything, you just have to love yourself in it and not care about what other people may say. With this in my mind I have now collected hats in lots of shapes and sizes and wear them at any opportunity. Now when I wear hats I get complimented all the time, however the compliments usually follow .. oh but I could never wear a hat like that, I would look stupid! This is ridiculous, you can wear what ever you want and you should. Life is too short, express yourself how ever you may wish and don't let you confidence hold you back! Invest in some rad hats and get out there! I personally love the craftsmanship that go into the Brixton hats. Each hat expertly finished and oozing style. I will be wearing these hats all summer and definitely into winter. 
All of these images were captured by the wonderful Olivia Bossert - Go check her out here work is amazing! 
Shop my look through the links below. 

 Brixton Hats can also be purchased in store at Anns Cottage Surf Shops 


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