Monday, 17 July 2017


Sometimes the most simple of flavour combinations can make for a delicious post surf cocktail. When you have such a beautifully blended rum such as Aluna you don't need to mask it with artificially sweet mixers. This isn't the sort of rum you mix with coke! With this in mind, I would love to share with you another on of my signature Aluna Cocktails - Aluna and Apple.

- Take a shot of Aluna and pour over ice - GET IT HERE

- Add fresh lime, I like a lot of lime in my cocktail. I think the lime really enhances the coconut flavours of the rum

- Pour over a high quality Cloudy Apple

- For fun I served mine with a fresh slice of pineapple

This cocktail is refreshingly light and will leave you with a wonderful taste of summer in your mouth.


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