Monday, 10 July 2017


Since 2010 I have been asked the same question more times than I can remember and there really are many answers I can give, it's hard to pick one clear reason. 

Surfing isn't just a sport and I personally feel it cannot really be labelled and the more I surf, the more I realise this. Surfing has made me laugh, cry, it makes me happy and sometimes a little angry but above all surfing makes me feel alive and this is really the driving force for me encouraging more women to give surfing ago. If the images of be below surfing a wonderful Cornish wave then here are some clear and simple bullet points to motivate you to get surfing! 

- It keeps your body fit and healthy 

Surfing is a great form of exercise, you use your whole body and keeps you strong, supple and lean. 

- Surfing clears your mind and distresses

As well as keeping your body healthy this also applies to your mind too. Being out in the ocean is extremely calming and the more you call in love with surfing the more you will spend more time thinking about the next wave coming along. Leave you stress on the beach!

- It improves your confidence in and out of the water

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will improve your confidence. It's ok to push yourself, got at your own pace but always make sure you're moving forward.  

- It leaves you feeling empowered 

Learning a new skill and doing something I bet you'd never thought you'd do will leave you feeling like wonder woman. 

- It allows you to meet new people

Us surfer girls are a friendly bunch, join a club, or a online community or simple get chatting in the line up.

- Surfing opens up a whole world of travelling 

Once you're hooked on surfing, you will want to travel the world in the pursuit of perfect waves. Take your pick of tropical surf camps, wild adventure experiences and open your horizons. 

If you haven't surfed before and want to, if you've given up but want to pick up a board again, what are you waiting for! Grab your board or book a surf lesson, it's time to change your life through the power of the surf. 

S U R F B O A R D - Fourth Surfboards Burger Fish

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