Monday, 24 July 2017


I have had the craziest months, my feet haven't touched the ground and in all honesty I haven't had a day off in over 3 weeks and it really left me craving some time away from the my normal routine. So as soon as had a free weekend I blocked it out for a mini adventure with Ben (the hubby). We trawled through google looking for campsites in Cornwall and even looked at leaving the country, but we couldn't find anywhere that captured our attention. Maybe we are creatures of habit or maybe we just know what we love and don't see any reason in changing but for the second time this summer we found ourselves driving down the coast to Trevedra Farm.

To say we drove through a rain storm is a bit of an understatement whilst heading down the coast on Saturday! The rain didn't look like it wasn't going to let up and we did question if we'd made the right decision going camping, but ever the optimists our positive thinking was rewarded and as soon as our van began to drive down the coastal roads leading up to the Sennen area the sun came out and the colour blue graced the skies once again.

With a solid swell rolling through and a fair bit of wind we headed down to Sennen for a surf. I finally got the chance to test out my new Fourth Surfboards, which as I imagined flew! I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again but this could be the best board I have ever surfed. We shared a fun peak of lefts and rights between us, with an array of learner surfers dotted around the shoreline but we had the waves all to ourselves. It felt pretty good to surf somewhere different, even though I have surfed here plenty of times before, it's only when we come down to camp, so it's still just as exciting as the first time.

With our surf's done we head back up the cliff to the farm and set up camp for the night. We ate early and sipped on Aluna Coconut Cocktails till the sun went down. Playing games of chess and telling tales, you really get to know a person when camping. As soon as you take away the modern day distractions you actually get to talk, which I love.

A peaceful night in the tent down, we were ready for another day of surfing. This time we packed up and headed to Gwenver beach. The swell had dropped off but so had the wind, we didn't rush to get in. I practiced yoga on the cliff top while Ben check the tides and swell for the day. Studying the peaks we saw a few fun ones roll in so suited up and headed down.

There is something truly magical about this beach, it takes my breath away every time. On a sunny day the water glistens like crystals and the sand is the purest of white. You could be anywhere in the world, but you certainly don't feel like you're in England.

One surf down and we'd consumed all our left over picnic food and water but the surf had got even better and the skies were clear, so we grab out kit and trekked back down the coastal steps and caught a few more waves.

I never like leaving this place, it's so special to me and I don't really know why. I don't have any personal and sentimental attachments to the beach but it captures me, more than most. I find myself dreaming about how we can move here, buy a house on the cliff where I can drink tea, surf and paint all day long! Simple life goals.

Now I am back home and dreaming about the next time I can head down the coast and get my paradise fix.

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