Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Corinne X Narlaka

I don't always wear wetsuits and workout wear, sometimes, just sometimes I get to wear cute dresses and playsuits like this little beauties from Narlaka. Perfect for the Indian Summer that's just around the corner. I am loving this brand, they create clothing for women who are fearless in their pursuit of enjoying life to the full. I hope you love the images and click on the product names to shop the looks. 

J E W E L L E R Y - O C E A N  B O H E M E
L O C A T I O N - C O R N W A L 


Saturday, 26 August 2017


This weekend I am going to take some time out and between hopefully some surfs and maybe afternoon on the beach I plan on having a little bit of rest and recuperation. I am going to indulge my hair, body and face and fall in love with relaxation all over again.

If any of you reading this know me personally you will know I struggle to switch off, unplug and unwind and if I am being really honest this is something I desperately need to work. But anyway, enough of me talking about my flaws, let's get onto the main reason why I'm writing this blog posts and that is to share with you the Spiezia Organics products I am loving at the moment!

OK first up lets talk skincare!

I love using .....

Daily Radiance Cleansing Balm, Refresh and Clarify Toner, Age Well Intensifying Moisturiser and Daily Rejuvenating Oil

Click on the names to S H O P the products

All of these products suit my skin type, which is basically a combination of everything. Meaning it can be a nightmare to treat however  I have found anything natural and chemical free does wonders!

Now let's move on to the body! 

Don't forget to love the skin you're in and treat it well, all the lumps, bumps, curves, scars whatever you have LOVE IT!

When treating my body like I Queen I like to use .... 

Click on the names to S H O P the products

I love lighting a candle when I scrub and moisturise, to some it may seem a little acessive however I love nothing more than feeling like I have my own spa at home.

Finally let's talk about oils. They are not only lush on your body they are amazing to use on dry hair! With my big curly mop being out in the sun and surf all summer, it is in much need of some r&r so I plan on treating it with this amazing Spiezia Head and Hair Oil.

Until the end of the month you can use the code - MERMAID15 to get discount on your Spiezia orders! So if you fancy treating yourself to some wonderful organic products get yourself on their site, place an order and sit back and wait for relaxation to arrive!

Happy weekend!


Friday, 25 August 2017

Aluna Mojito

It doesn't get much better when you find a low calorie version of you all time favourite summer cocktail! If you enjoy a Mojito as much as I do then you're going to love this recipe from Aluna Coconut Rum and Clarks Syrup. It's easy to make and only has 98 calories and 5g of sugar, versus a traditional Mojito which has around 200 calories and 25g of sugar!

Here's the ingredients you will need:

Aluna Coconut Rum 30 ml
Clarks Carob Syrup 2 tspn
Mint Leaves 8-12
Lime 1/2
Soda Water
Crushed Ice


S T E P  1

Slice your lime into four segments and place in the bottom of a highball glass. Add your Clarks Carob Syrup and then use a muddler, bar spoon or rolling pin to squash the ingredients together and release the lime juice.

S T E P  2

Clap the mint to bruise it and release the fresh aroma and rub around the rim of the glass then drop into the glass.

S T E P 3

Use a muddler again and mix together. Pour in your Aluna Coconut rum. Leave for a minute whilst you crush halve of your ice.

S T E P  4

Halve fill the glass with crushed iced and top with soda water.

S T E P  5

Garnish with a spring of fresh mint.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Ah summer time, we love the long evenings and the warm weather but how frustrating can the lack of decent swell be! I know we can't have everything but I would love a some decent waves right now! Never the less I am going to make dam sure I make the most of surfing in my C-Skins Solace wetsuit before the temperatures drop and I am kitted head to toe in neoprene. Even if that means surfing small, onshore wind chop waves, I am getting out there.

Keeping surf motivated between the small to flat spells is hard I know, and ensuring your fitness levels don't drop is even harder. I feel the answer to not letting your surf stoke and motivation slip is to surf AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

Yes I said it, the only way to stay focussed, excited and progress with surfing is to surf. There are no excuses, get out there, embrace the bad days and surf, surf, surf!

If it's flat, grab a SUP, go for a sea swim or paddle along the coast. Whatever you choose to do, do it in the ocean. I love heading out on a SUP. You get to experience the ocean on a new level and see the coast from a different view point. Whether you want to paddle out to sea, hug the shore or SUP on a river, you're going to give your body a much needed work out. You will work your core, legs, and upper body all at the same time and will use muscles you didn't even know you had.

When the waves are small, try using a different board. Borrow a longboard or take a foamy board out. Don't miss the small days because you don't have the right kit. A couple of summers a go I added a 6'6 full nosed board into my quiver and it was by far the best thing I ever did. I now have a board that is perfect for the small days that won't suit my shortboard. Gone are the days where you can have one surfboard for all conditions, in my opinion this concept doesn't exist. Investing in a bigger board that if well kept can see you through a lifetime of surfing is the best advice I can give you, it will change your summer surfs for the better.

As you can see from the waves I am surfing in these shots that Checkered Photography took, it's small, onshore and really weak but I am having so much fun! Which in all honestly isn't surfing about having fun?

N E O P R E N E  :  C - S K I N S   S O L A C E   B O Y   L E G
S U R F B O A R D  :  6 ' 6   T I M E   P I E C E   B Y   F O U R T H   S U R F B O A R D S 
P H O T O G R A P Y  :  C H E C K E R E D   P H O T O G R A P H Y

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