Saturday, 26 August 2017


This weekend I am going to take some time out and between hopefully some surfs and maybe afternoon on the beach I plan on having a little bit of rest and recuperation. I am going to indulge my hair, body and face and fall in love with relaxation all over again.

If any of you reading this know me personally you will know I struggle to switch off, unplug and unwind and if I am being really honest this is something I desperately need to work. But anyway, enough of me talking about my flaws, let's get onto the main reason why I'm writing this blog posts and that is to share with you the Spiezia Organics products I am loving at the moment!

OK first up lets talk skincare!

I love using .....

Daily Radiance Cleansing Balm, Refresh and Clarify Toner, Age Well Intensifying Moisturiser and Daily Rejuvenating Oil

Click on the names to S H O P the products

All of these products suit my skin type, which is basically a combination of everything. Meaning it can be a nightmare to treat however  I have found anything natural and chemical free does wonders!

Now let's move on to the body! 

Don't forget to love the skin you're in and treat it well, all the lumps, bumps, curves, scars whatever you have LOVE IT!

When treating my body like I Queen I like to use .... 

Click on the names to S H O P the products

I love lighting a candle when I scrub and moisturise, to some it may seem a little acessive however I love nothing more than feeling like I have my own spa at home.

Finally let's talk about oils. They are not only lush on your body they are amazing to use on dry hair! With my big curly mop being out in the sun and surf all summer, it is in much need of some r&r so I plan on treating it with this amazing Spiezia Head and Hair Oil.

Until the end of the month you can use the code - MERMAID15 to get discount on your Spiezia orders! So if you fancy treating yourself to some wonderful organic products get yourself on their site, place an order and sit back and wait for relaxation to arrive!

Happy weekend!


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