Thursday, 16 November 2017

Northcore Surfshields Surfer Ear Plugs

A couple of months I got sent some ear plugs by my sponsor Northcore, with the request that I give them a little test run and share my feedback. It is now 2 months on and I have been wearing the Northcore Surfshields Surfers Ear Plugs during nearly all of my surfs and here's what I found.

Comfy Fit

Unlike some ear plugs I have tried, they didn't feel uncomfortable when in. They slotted around my ear piercing with ease. 

Didn't fall out

In all honesty I thought they would fall out straight away. I kept waiting for the cord to get caught in my hair and pull the plugs out, but they didn't. They stayed in during every surf I had. 

Block water not sound

These ear plugs kept the water out but still allowed me to hear everything that was going on around me. 


I can't recommend these ear plugs enough, they are reasonably priced, good quality and they actually work. I have tried and tested them and now don't ever surf without them. If you're a surfer and you spend a lot of time in the water then you NEED to wear ear plugs and if my advice doesn't convince you, just google Surfers Ear and then you'll soon see why it's important to protect your ears! 

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