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I absolutely love the morning time, I like to rise early and take my time to get ready for the day. I always find the time to have breakfast, a mug of coffee and collect my thoughts before work. I also make sure I have enough time to carry out my daily skincare regime.

Over winter I find my skin needs just as my time and care as in the summer, it needs hydrating, scrubbing and nourishing. Sometimes it can feel like a chore but making time to take care of yourself is something I personally don't think you will ever regret and it's been one area of my life that I have really tried to focus more energy on. It's so easy to neglect your self-care routine but I am a strong believer in starting your day right and for me that includes breakfast and my morning skincare routine.

Here is my fuss-free morning skincare routine

Step One 

Once I week I like to give my face a good old scrub! I only do this once a week because it's not good to scrub too much and I personally find once a week works for me and my skin. I don't bother using a specific face scrub because I have found that my Living Sea Therapy Body Polish works not only on my body but also my face. 
I start by dampening my face and then apply the scrub all over. I also like to make sure if give my lips a little scrub too. Over the cold winter months, I find my lips can become quite dry and chapped and this really helps remove any dead skin and dry areas.  

Step Two 

Now I am scrubbed I like to apply my homemade toner. Yes, I said homemade because I am super cool like that and like to make my own skincare products. I love using homemade products just as much as do pre-made ones and I always try to find the balance between the two. My homemade skin toner consists of: 

2tbsp Witch Hazel
3tbsp Fresh Water
2tbsp Rose Water
1tbsp Citrus Oil 

This is just a rough guide, I like to add different oils and waters into the mix depending on my mood at the time but I find that the combination of the Witch Hazel and Rose Water balance my skin out perfectly. I love adding this to a spritzer bottle so I can have it with me when I am on the go. I find it acts as a great hydration booster, which is needed with all the central heating I seem to be sounded by at the moment. I simply spritz it on or apply it topically to my face and let it dry. 

Step Three

The last two steps in this routing are my favourite because it's all about hydrating my skin! Just like the skin toner, I make my own face oil, and again I don't really follow a recipe I simply add a mix of oils that I know work well together and that suit my skin type. Essential oils are pretty powerful tools so be sure to do your research and if unsure about the products you should be using consult an aromatherapist. My favourite oil combination to use is:

Jojoba Oil
Rose Oil
Neroli Oil 
Avocado Oil 

I add all of these ingredients into a bottle ensuring the Jojoba Oil is the carrier (meaning there is more of this than any other) I shake it well to ensure they are all mixed together. I find this great to use morning, night and even in the day, especially after a surf. 

Last Step

My final step to hydration is applying Living Sea Therapy Body Butter to my face and neck. Now, this may seem a little strange to some to apply body butter to my face but honestly, it's been a complete game changer in my skincare regime. I have been using the Living Sea Therapy products since teaming up with them in November last year and have loved every single product I have used. Their products all contain Cornish Sea Salt and Cornish Seaweed which not only awakens my senses every time I use them but they also contain a wide variety of healing properties - read more HERE. 

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