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Last month Megan Hemsworth and I visited the beautiful island of Fuerteventura for a week of surfing and content creation. We had one week to shoot for a variety of brands and to explore as much of northern Fuerteventura as possible. 

Our trip began with a relativity short flight from Bristol to Fuerteventura. We flew with Easy Jet and had no problem at all. The flight was nice and mellow and long enough to enjoy a little siesta. Upon arriving at the airport we grabbed our car and headed North. It had been a few years since I'd been on the island and had forgotten how quick it took to get from the airport to Corralejo, around 30 minutes in fact. The built-in SAT NAV in the car did take us around a few back roads and kept wanting us to turn down one-way streets meaning it took us longer than expected to find our accommodation but as soon as we found a parking space we went on foot to find our accommodation Surfing Colors.  

I am a bit of a funny one and never like arriving at places in the dark, I struggle to get my bearings and it takes me awhile to adjust to it all but luckily we had a warm welcome on arrival which soon put me at ease. With a few people hanging around the pool bar I could tell this place would have a lovely atmosphere, nice and chilled just the way I like it. 

After a swift change, we were back down and off on the hunt for some food. Surfing Colours is in the prime spot, not too close to the centre that you hear all the noise but close enough that you can walk there with ease. We came across a little square and grabbed a pizza. It felt so lovely to be back on the island again and I couldn't wait for a week of exploring. 

Every day started the same, we woke up, got showered and dress, packed up the millions of things we needed to take with us then headed down for the breakfast buffet - which by the way was AMAZING! Anyone who knows me or has been following me for a while knows how much I love food and I very much live to eat. I wake up and think about food and basically plan my days around what I am going to eat. So much to my satisfaction, the buffet was amazing kept me fueled up all morning. 

After eating as much breakfast as we possibly could we then loaded up the car and set off in search of shoot locations and waves.  We were out most of the day, making the most of every opportunity to shoot. With some many breathtaking beaches and lagoons to explore we would end up stopping off at around 3 or 4 places each day. 

Everyday similar to the next but we didn't get bored nor did it feel like work. Yes, we may have had a lot of product to shoot but this was fine when you enjoy your job it doesn't feel like your working. 

On our last full day, we made time to relax by the pool at Surfing Colors, we had a leisurely breakfast and I practised some Yoga by the pool. After that, we settled down with our books and soaked up the last of the winter sun before heading home. I remember thinking to myself that even if I had come here without a car would I have been happy relaxing here all day and the answer is I really would. The atmosphere was so relaxing, I found myself drifting off to sleep every now and again and with the warm sun on my skin, I couldn't have felt more content. 

I would highly recommend staying at Surfing Colors and funnily enough, I went on someone else's recommendation to get in contact with Surfing Colors about booking a stay. Whether you're travelling alone, with family, friends or as a couple you will feel perfectly at home here. I was pleasantly surprised by the mix of ages and backgrounds of the guests. From families with young children to older couples on a relaxing poolside holiday, it wasn't all surfers and surf camp goers, which I loved because sometimes it's nice not to chat about surfing.  Check them out HERE

I am a big fan of Fuerteventura, I love the climate, the food, the waves and in many parts, it's still very untouched. Yes, there may be a fair few tourist bars and destinations but that's what you expect from a Canary Island but if you're after a holiday which had a little bit of everything then I think this could be your place. 

Planning on heading out to Fuerteventura? Then check out my must-see places!

Favourite Wave

Los Lobos - Hands down my favourite right-hander in Europe. Check the chart and if it looks half decent grab a boat and head over, you won't be disappointed. The reef doesn't feel as intimidating as the Northern track in Fuerteventura but all the same, I wouldn't say it was beginner friendly. Make sure you pack water and food because where you surf there is nothing but dust and rocks for miles! Also, some boats offer low rates for surfers which is a bonus! Another added bonus of staying at Surfing Colors - you can walk to the harbour, it's so close!

Favourite Beach

Cotillo Lagoons - Simply stunning in every way. White sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and lovely stone covers for you to settle down in. The perfect place to snooze after surfing all morning. 

Favourite Places to Eat 

Cotillo - An amazing Tapas restaurant near the harbour, they have no indoor seating but I cannot remember its name. The portions are huge and the food is delicious. Try the fried Goats Cheese, Paella and Canary Potatoes. 

Corralejo Avenida Restaurante - an amazing local restaurant which is unbelievable close to Surfing Colors. Great fish, meat, local cuisine very reasonably priced with a cosy feel to the place. 

Images by Megan Hemsworth


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