Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Wellness Wednesday

Recently I have taken some much needed time out from work. I have had time to catch up on a life (well most of it) and enjoy the simple pleasures that bring me so much joy, but in all honesty, I am quite easily pleased. I don't need fancy champagne filled lunches and spa days - even though they are pretty lovely! Sometimes I just need to be able to wake up without an alarm, enjoy my home in the daylight, drink a fresh put of camomile tea and give myself an at-home manicure. All simple pleasures but put together they make for a pretty lovely day for me. 

Having the time to enjoy the sunlight through my lounge windows as I sip on the calming elixir has left me feeling completely recharged. I didn't need to leave the house or pay a small fortune. 

I picked up this beautiful little teapot from Flying Tiger, the mug is from TK Max and of course, the skincare products were gifted from my sponsors Living Sea Therapy. I think you'll agree that the colours all compliment each other, especially on my handmade The Resin Workshop Co coffee table, handmade by my husband.

I guess I wanted to share this blog post with you to give you all a little insight into how I spend my days off when the waves aren't great and I have no plans. I really am quite the home bird at times and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Photos by Checkered Photography 

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