Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Fifteen Cornwall Review

Fifteen Cornwall is a restaurant I have only ever dined at once and it was over a lunchtime around Christmas couple of years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it then so I was pretty certain I would enjoy a sunset dinner in spring. This time I got to indulge in this decadent experience with my husband, not just with friends and he was just as excited I was about the prospect of enjoying wonderful food and cocktails together. 

Here's how we found our Friday night at Fifteen. 

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a smile and immediately seated on a table overlooking the stunning Watergate Bay. The sea mist had started to clear, allowing the sun to make an appearance. Our night began with a cocktail and due to my pregnancy, I opted for an alcohol-free beverage, with us both leaving it to the team to choose our tipple of choice. 

It actually took us a while to decide what to eat, everything on the menu looked so delicious it seemed impossible to choose. Luckily the staff are well equipt to answer any questions about the menu, which felt extremely comforting. Their passion and enthusiasm for the food and drink at Fifteen are infectious!

Finally, we made our choices, which for those interested were: 


Mozzarella, broccoli, almonds
Speck, apple, rocket, capers


Dry aged Cornish T-Bone, rocket, parmesan (to share)


Carrots, lentils, salsa, rafana
Cornish Potatoes

Every course did not disappoint. 

The simplicity yet attention to detail worked perfectly together. I often feel when meals have very little ingredients it's hard for to hide their quality or lack thereof and luckily for Fifteen their produce quality is so high that every mouthful tasted divine. Locally sourced, well prepared and perfectly seasoned.

Now, let's talk about the decor!

Major interior envy ... their minimal, Nordic, boho, beach vibe made the whole experience that little more enjoyable. The restaurant had a very contemporary feel which I very much enjoy and with the open kitchen at the heart made the dining experience all the more wonderful. 

Our cocktail and wine pairing could not be faulted, Ben and I very much enjoyed every beverage we indulged in. 

All in all our experience couldn't have gone any better and to anyone who is considering booking a special evening at Fifteen, I urge you to do it! If you enjoy dining by sunset you will love an evening here. 


All profits from Fifteen Cornwall go to its registered charity, Cornwall Food Foundation and together they manage the award-winning Apprentice Programme. 

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