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The Cornish Seaweed Company & Living Sea Therapy

For the past 7 months, I have had the pleasure of using the Living Sea Therapy products and what a lovely 7 months it's been. The products are luxurious but still have that rugged Cornish charm that I adore. I've learnt about the products in more detail the more I use them, but I was eager to get out to sea with the Cornish Seaweed team to see how they harvest the seaweed every product sold by Living Sea.

Last week Sarah Clarke from Checkered Photography and I set off on a little adventure to learn more about The Cornish Seaweed Company. Here's what we got up to.

Arriving at Coverack cover my first thought was, why have I never been here before?!
As a surfer, it's so easy to stick to the coastline that has surf and ultimately never leaves. There are so many beautiful parts of Cornwall that I have never visited before and Coverack cover is one. Thankfully I have now ticked it off my list and now know it's somewhere I'd like to visit again in the future. We parked up, and the Sarah and the Cornish Seaweed team (which consisted of Tim & Dan) got into their wetsuits, while I made sure I had enough water and Renne with me (the joys of pregnancy).

The harbour that they launch from is tiny, a very quaint working harbour, and as it stands The Cornish Seaweed Company are the only ones seaweed harvesters who work from there. The boat the work from is essentially a rib, now I don't know boats at all, but I was surprised to see such a small boat. We loaded it up the boat with buckets, bags and their all-important scissors to sip the seaweed with and set off.

As we cruised along out of the harbour, the light northerly winds hit, and I began to get a refreshing saltwater spray to the face! I instantly regretted not packing waterproofs!

Reaching our first spot, Tim and Dan scouted for the best place to anchor up, the water visitability around this part of the coast is fantastic, so it was easy to spot the seaweed amongst the rocks. We anchored up, and Dan strapped on his weight belt, snorkel and mask, grabbed his scissors and got to work.

The process was speedy, efficient and unbelievably simple. I honestly thought there would be a significant process for collecting the seaweed, but it couldn't be further from that. Merely dive down with scissors, cut the seaweed, swim back up, bag it up and go again!

Tim and Dan took it in turns, while Sarah jumped in to document the process. Unable to do a lot due to being 31 weeks pregnant I stayed on the boat, helping collect the seaweed and recording my day on my Instagram stories, which can be seen in my story highlights.

It was great to get the chance to see which seaweed goes in which products and in fact the Sea Spaghetti which they were harvesting that day, goes into every single Living Sea Therapy product. I got to ask Tim a lot of questions about the nutritional value of the seaweed and the impact on the environment their harvesting has. Here are some awesome facts:

- Boasting more Vitamins & Minerals than ANY other food!

- Seaweed can only be harvested by hand

- Only a part of each individual plant can be cut, above the point of growth to allow regrowth

- The key factors that make seaweeds so tough are ‘alginates’, which lock in moisture. They provide the same effect when you put them on your skin, helping to prevent it from drying out.

- All three seaweeds in our Living Sea Complex® are packed full of magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, potassium, phosphorous and zinc, essential elements for life. They are also rich in natural vitamins, especially A, B, C, D, E, and K.

I think it's safe to say I have a new found appreciation for the Living Sea Therapy & The Cornish Seaweed Company products. Their ingredients are so beneficial to our bodies both inside and out, and they'r.e created in the simplest of ways. 

Now, back to the harvesting, now with a boat full of seaweed we headed back into the harbour and back to The Cornish Seaweed Company HQ. This is where I got to find out how the seaweed is preserved. It's dried out with a giant dehumidifier and heaters in containers. I got to assist with this first hand, and I loved it. It's always good to get stuck in, and I wasn't going to miss out on the chance to help the guys. 

Luckily for both Sarah and I, we got to go home with some The Cornish Seaweed Company and Living Sea Therapy products to enjoy at home. I can't wait to test out a recipe from their website.

Here are the images Sarah captured on the day. 


Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Fellow curly heads, this blog post is for you! If you're like me and have a crazy frizzy mop, that often has a mind of its then feast your eyes on my hints, tips and product suggestions, it's helped me fall in love with my curls, and if you're not feeling the waves, it might do the same for you.

First up, I want to tell you to put down the straighteners, lock them away and throw that key in the bin, because it's time to embrace your natural curls and share them with the world. I hated my curls for years, I did everything I could to smooth them out. In the end, I straightened my hair that much that it started the break and I had to have it cut short. Which isn't cool kids! 

As I've got older, I have found a new love for my curls and have finally started to figure out what does and doesn't work for my hair. The annoying thing is every curl is different, so what works for me might not work for you but what I have found is it's all about trial and error. Test out new products, hair hacks and different cuts to see what suits your mane. 

So, here are the things I have learnt along the way and the curl hair hacks that I use every day. 

Curly Hair Hacks

1. Don't wash your hair too much. Your curls need the natural oils your hair produces, so don't dry it out with too many shampoos! I usually wash mine 1/2 times a week. 

2. Let your hair dry naturally. I always wash my hair in the morning and leave it to dry naturally. Avoid using too much heat on your hair. 

3. Comb your hair in the shower, when your hair your conditioner in. I don't even use a comb, I literally run my fingers through my hair, untangling any knots and smoothing it out. 

4. Blast your hair with cold water at the end of every shower. I find it gives my hair extra shine. 

5. Try Argan Oil on your hair. I absolutely swear by it! I use it all over when wet and then add a little extra in when I want to smooth out any frizz. 

6. Sleep with your hair up. Get yourself a soft 80's style scrunchie and get your hair in the highest possible ponytail. Sleep with your hair up like this and just take it down when you wake up. You shouldn't have to do anything to your curls in the morning. 

For those of you that have highlighted hair like I do, this is the shampoo I use every now and again to get the blonde back. I also love this LUSH conditioner and this Australian Argan Oil, and recently I have been using 100% Argan Oil which is fantastic, you don't need as much as it's so intense. 


Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The water has finally warmed up, and I couldn't be happier. It's time to wear summer wetsuits, and on those hotter days, it's time for shorties. As you should all know by now, I am C-Skins team rider and have been for many years, meaning I have had the chance to try a wide selection of their wetsuits, and I can honestly say this year, their wetsuits are the best yet. So far this season, I have been wearing 3 wetsuits:

C-Skins Rewired Chest Zip // Solace 3:2 Back Zip // Solace 4:3 Chest Zip

To view more of about these wetsuits, just click on the names and check out the C-Skins website but for those interested here are my thoughts.

First up is the C-Skins Rewired Chest Zip 

I love the artwork on this suit, it's bright but also very simple. Sometimes you don't want a bright wetsuit in the water, especially if you have a terrible surf! It's also really nice to have a wetsuit that's not black, the dark navy is a great colour, it's just the right shade of blue.

The first time I wore this wetsuit was actually in the Canaries. The water temperature was very similar to the UK, which was nice. The wetsuit kept me warm, with no pesky back flushes. Personally, I am a big fan of a chest zip. I know some people struggle to get on with them, but I really rate them for keeping your warmer for longer, which on the hot days maybe you don't want but let's face it our British summer times aren't usually that great!

This may be one of my favourite designs. C-Skins have ever released. In my opinion, you cannot beat a black and white combination, if wetsuits can be classed as stylish, then this one indeed is. The 3:2 comes with a back zip, which I usually wouldn't go for. As I have already said I am chest zip surfer through and through BUT this back zip is good quality and doesn't flush. I have surfed this suit both in the UK and abroad and both times haven't had any issues. I found it the perfect wetsuit to surf on the hotter days; also it's a lot easier to get into. 

The 4:3 chest zip version was a great wetsuit to transition into after my winter suits. I love surfing in a 4:3 during the Spring and Autumn months. It's an excellent wetsuit to team up with boots on the colder spring days. For some who feel the cold a 4:3 a perfect wetsuit for both Spring and Summer. 

My personal size guide

I am a pretty standard dress size 8 or 10 depending on the stores, and I am also 5'5. In C-Skins wetsuits I actually go down a dress size and wear a UK 6. Wetsuits sizing can be different to regular clothing sizes, so I would always suggest trying on wetsuits in a variety of sizes before you commit and remember it's just a number. It doesn't matter whether you're a size 4 or 14, as long as it fits that's all that matters, and incidentally, I think the C-Skins wetsuits are the best fitting ones on the market! 

To find your nearest C-Skins stockists - CLICK HERE 

Photo Credits - Megan Hemsworth & C-Skins Wetsuits 

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