Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The water has finally warmed up, and I couldn't be happier. It's time to wear summer wetsuits, and on those hotter days, it's time for shorties. As you should all know by now, I am C-Skins team rider and have been for many years, meaning I have had the chance to try a wide selection of their wetsuits, and I can honestly say this year, their wetsuits are the best yet. So far this season, I have been wearing 3 wetsuits:

C-Skins Rewired Chest Zip // Solace 3:2 Back Zip // Solace 4:3 Chest Zip

To view more of about these wetsuits, just click on the names and check out the C-Skins website but for those interested here are my thoughts.

First up is the C-Skins Rewired Chest Zip 

I love the artwork on this suit, it's bright but also very simple. Sometimes you don't want a bright wetsuit in the water, especially if you have a terrible surf! It's also really nice to have a wetsuit that's not black, the dark navy is a great colour, it's just the right shade of blue.

The first time I wore this wetsuit was actually in the Canaries. The water temperature was very similar to the UK, which was nice. The wetsuit kept me warm, with no pesky back flushes. Personally, I am a big fan of a chest zip. I know some people struggle to get on with them, but I really rate them for keeping your warmer for longer, which on the hot days maybe you don't want but let's face it our British summer times aren't usually that great!

This may be one of my favourite designs. C-Skins have ever released. In my opinion, you cannot beat a black and white combination, if wetsuits can be classed as stylish, then this one indeed is. The 3:2 comes with a back zip, which I usually wouldn't go for. As I have already said I am chest zip surfer through and through BUT this back zip is good quality and doesn't flush. I have surfed this suit both in the UK and abroad and both times haven't had any issues. I found it the perfect wetsuit to surf on the hotter days; also it's a lot easier to get into. 

The 4:3 chest zip version was a great wetsuit to transition into after my winter suits. I love surfing in a 4:3 during the Spring and Autumn months. It's an excellent wetsuit to team up with boots on the colder spring days. For some who feel the cold a 4:3 a perfect wetsuit for both Spring and Summer. 

My personal size guide

I am a pretty standard dress size 8 or 10 depending on the stores, and I am also 5'5. In C-Skins wetsuits I actually go down a dress size and wear a UK 6. Wetsuits sizing can be different to regular clothing sizes, so I would always suggest trying on wetsuits in a variety of sizes before you commit and remember it's just a number. It doesn't matter whether you're a size 4 or 14, as long as it fits that's all that matters, and incidentally, I think the C-Skins wetsuits are the best fitting ones on the market! 

To find your nearest C-Skins stockists - CLICK HERE 

Photo Credits - Megan Hemsworth & C-Skins Wetsuits 


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