Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Daily Rituals

Over the past month, I have been trying to make a little more time for myself; it's never been something I have easily achieved, but the more pregnant I get, the more I am aware I need to make time to stop and relax.

The more I talk to my friends with kids the more I become aware that soon my time won't be my own. Give it a few years, and I'll have a little one wanting to follow me around everywhere, which as lovely as it sounds, also can get a little testing at times I am sure.

With this are the forefront of my mind, I have been making time, one hour a day to be exact to soak in a sea salt bath, light a candle, drink a herbal tea and listen to some music or a podcast. It's effortless but to be honest, the simple pleasures are the ones I love the most.

Depending on how I am feeling will determine whether I have a bath early morning or right before bed and I tailor my sea salts to suit my mood. First thing in the morning I want to awaken my body, while still feeling relaxed, so I opt for the Living Sea Therapy Energising Bath Salts with a splash of their Bath Soak. Both combinations together are so lovely and teaming that with a peppermint tea and a great podcast. I have loved the Mum Talk Podcast by the lovely Emma Jaulin. It's been teaching me a lot about pregnancy and motherhood and an absolute must for any pregnant ladies.

If I am going for a late night bath, then I go for the Living Sea Calm Sea Salts, again with their Bath Soak. Then team this up with a freshly brewed Camomile tea and some relaxing music, I love Ben Howard's new album, and incidentally so does the baby.

Whether you're pregnant or not I urge you to take 1 hour a day to yourself, to relax, exercise, awaken your senses or just shut off from the world. I feel like it has done be a world of good and it's funny to think that before I felt like I never had the time, but as soon as you consciously make the time you can do anything.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018


I cannot believe I haven't actually talked about my pregnancy journey on the blog yet. If you follow me on Instagram, then you should be up to speed with everything, but there are still some elements I haven't talked about. So I thought it was about time I wrote some more in-depth blog posts about the highs are lows of pregnancy because it isn't all glowing skin and thick hair!

Let's start at the beginning...

We weren't trying, but we weren't preventing. We certainly didn't expect to get pregnant as quickly as we did BUT we're completely over the moon when we found out we were.
I had made the decision to come off the pill due to medical reasons and in fact, was advised by a dermatologist after blood tests and scans that coming off the pill would be the best thing for my body. She wasn't wrong, and I did feel a lot better. I started using Natural Cycles which I loved but like I said we were not preventing getting pregnant. So at the start of October, I came off the pill and by the end of November beginning of December we were pregnant! It's incredible really, and we both feel so lucky to have conceived so quickly and with absolute ease.

On the 20th of December, I did a pregnancy test after chatting with Ben and a colleague at work. I felt like I was about to have the period from hell, but it never arrived, clearly the period cramps I thought I was having were, in fact, the early stages of pregnancy. I opted to buy two basic pregnancy tests initially because I honestly didn't know they would come back positive. I remember they tests came in a pack of two, which I did. One line came up strong straight away, with the second line showing up a little later but not as strong as the other. It confused me even more, and I knew the only way I could find out for sure is if I did a Clear Blue, fancy pants pregnancy test which would tell me how many weeks. So, I jumped in my car, to get to the pharmacy before it closed. By the time I'd got home both pregnancy tests I had previously done, now had two strong, clear lines! To be sure I had to do the third test, which in fact came back with the results I was 2-3 weeks pregnant!

I couldn't quite believe what I saw and instantly felt different. A wave of worry, joy, excitement and nervousness washed over me, and I couldn't wait for Ben to get home to share the news. As soon as he walked in the door, I had to tell him the news. We cried, smiled, and stared at each other in complete shock!

Fast forward a few days and on the 24th of December, the sickness began. Not just morning sickness either, this was all day, middle of the night, entirely out of the blue sickness which didn't entirely go away until 14th May! Yes, that's the best part of 6 months worth of sickness (hence why pregnancy hasn't been so rosy for me!). The sickness was so hard to deal with, it made work difficult, ruined our plans but also became part of my morning routine. Wake up, feed the cat, be sick and then start my day! Obviously, it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would but it's over now!

Although, as soon as the sickness ended the heartburn began, and I have been getting multipacks of Renne ever since. To be honest, I've had pretty much every symptom going, including cravings. At the start, I couldn't get enough red meat. I craved steak, burgers, sausages and big hearty dinners, then as soon as that passed it was bags of Jelly Babies! I had stashes of jelly babies in my bag, car, pockets you name it I had Jelly Babies there. Thankfully that's over and was relativity short lived.

It may sound like there's are lots of negatives but it's really isn't, there have been so many high points along the way. Like feel my first flutter, my first kicks, Ben feeling the baby kick, watching it move and roll around and seeing my body change and grow for this beautiful little human. My nails have grown so much, my hair is thicker, my skin apart from the pigmentation is more radiant, my disposition is a lot calmer, and I feel I have a newfound clarity on what I want from my life.

Sadly more recently the high points seem to have fallen to the side, and those low points have crept back in again. I am starting to get more uncomfortable, a little grumpy (poor Ben), my skin pigmentation is terrible, and I hate all the clothes I can fit into.  I love feeling the baby kick and move, but now it's nearly fully grown there is less room for it to move around. Meaning at times it's actually really uncomfortable, especially when the baby decided to hit a nerve!

I think I will leave this blog post here for now, and come back to you all with an update again once the baby has arrived! I am about to hit 36 weeks, so I really don't have long left. Stay tuned for updates on the products I have been using, the nursery and all things pregnancy and motherhood.

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