Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Curl Talk

As much as I hate to admit it, I am quite the creature of habit, and this applies strongly to my curl routine. I guess it comes from years of battling with my curls to try and get them exactly how I want and the fear of ending up with a mass of frizz makes me reluctant to deviate from my normal hair routine. Which is why I was a little hesitant to test out the curl range from Umberto Giannini because of the fear the products wouldn't agree with my hair. 

But, I decided to put my silly fears aside and give the products a go. I was gifted the entire curl range to try, and I have had these products for about a month now. I wanted to give them a proper go before sharing my blog post because I am not one of these people you see on Instagram posing with a product they haven't even used or actually like. I always love to make sure I believe in a product before I share it with my followers because I want to be as honest and transparent a possible. 

So, here are my real thoughts on each product I used from Umberto Giannini Curls Range. 

I loved this product. It's something I applied to dry hair, especially when my curls felt precisely that, dry! It didn't leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy. I still had a bounce in my curls, they always looked natural and felt soft to touch. This was an excellent product to use in the day when I want my curls to look a little more wild and untamed but frizz free. 

This product made me a little nervous. I thought it would leave my hair crispy and crunchy which I really hate. However, it was quite the opposite. I used a small amount in the palm of my hands and worked it through the ends, scrunching upwards. It helped define my curls which I loved. 

3. Coily Curl Moisture ShampooConditioner (not a 2 in 1)

Both really nice products. I did have to use a lot of the conditioner to get my knots out, but this may be because my hair is thicker than normal due to pregnancy. I am also one of those people that gets through so much conditioner!

This serum is so lovely. Not heavy or greasy and it really does make a difference. I actually used this when I wanted to finish off my hair or if I needed to smooth out any frizzy ends. A good one to chuck in your bag for out and about. 

A rich creamy but again lightweight product which I applied to wet hair, straight after showering. My hair can absorb a lot of creams, oils and serums so it can deal with a rich cream, but even with this product, I didn't leave my hair feeling weighed down. 

Marketed as a finishing cream and that's how I used it. I did reduce any flyaway frizz that I picked up throughout the day. I the odd occasion that I apply heat to my hair to neaten up some of the curls this product was a nice one to use to polish the look. 

7. Curl Jelly

Another product I wasn't too sure about using because jelly to me sounds like a gel-cream, which will leave my curls looking stiff. Much to my surprise, it didn't! It actually left my curls soft, bouncy and smooth. I worked the product into the end of my hair to finish the style.

When I see a mousse, I tend to think of someone with a perm, scrunching it into their hair and drying it with a diffuser, which isn't really my vibe. However, I wanted to give this mousse a go, so I applied it to my dry hair and scrunched it in all over and much to my surprise I really loved it! It gave me hair extra volume which is always a bonus and left my curls feeling bouncy.


After spending a month using the products I can honestly say I love them! I haven't been paid to say this, it's my true opinion and I couldn't be happier to have found a selection of products that give my curls that extra love that they deserve! I would urge any curly haired gal or guy to give them a go!


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