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My Baby Sleep Routine

What a whirlwind few months that have been! Albee is coming up to four months old, and I had all these big plans to share my daily life, multiple blogs and my motherhood journey, but to be honest, I haven't had the time. I have been extremely busy with Albee, being a mum and more recently going back to my job (one day a week) but still back to work!

Anyway, what I am on here to talk about sleep, and for anyone with children, you'll know how precious this is, not only for the baby but also for yourself. During the first few weeks, I didn't sleep a lot, and neither did Albee. Which is completely normal, it turns out newborns sleep a lot in the day but a not a lot at night and as much as people say to sleep when they sleep, I did not.

I remember thinking around week three or four, that Albee would never sleep at night, or we would never be able to put him down, and he would stay asleep but here I am sixteen weeks on, and I am pleased to tell you Albee sleeps like a pro! Obviously he has his bad days and nights but on the whole, he sleeps really well, and I put that down to a few things. We started a bedtime routine really early on, we listened to him (I will explain later on) and we used a white noise/lullaby machine to help.

First up let me explain the routine we have adopted.

6:30 pm (ish)
Bedtime routine begins, and this begins with bath time, now this isn't every night but Albee loves is a bath, so we do tend to get him in most nights, sometimes with bath oil/wash or just water. I find it helps him to relax him and dissimulate him. When he is out the bath, I give him a mini baby massage with coconut oil and dressed for bedtime.

7:00pm (ish)
Now it's time for a feed, breast or bottle which every way you're choosing to feed. I feed him in the dim to dark light, with Ewan The Dream Sheep playing a lullaby. Albee loves Ewan, as soon as he hears him, he relaxes. When he is fully fed and burped I leave him upright on my chest for a little just to check there's no other wind to come up. Albee suffered really bad with cholic, and it also turns out he has a dairy intolerance, so once we knew how to treat this life got a lot easier.

As soon as he seems ready to go down, I place him in his Sleepyhead, in a cot next to my bed, while Ewan continues to play the lullaby.

If Albee stirs we don't pick him up, we will go in, pop a dummy in his mouth and hold his hands. He loves the slight pressure on his hands or chest, and we do this until he falls back to sleep. At the start when we began the routine both myself and Ben would sometimes spend up to an hour in there with him. Our patients were tested on many occasion, but we only picked him up when he began to get distressed, but we would then settle him and place him back down again. Now Albee is at a point where the only time he gets restless in the night is if he has a cold or is teething.

11:00pm (ish)
This is where we get Albee out of bed, change his nappy (in the dark) and feed him. This is where we try to get the most food in him, to help see him through the night. Albee usually falls asleep after this feed and goes back down really easily.

If he stirs in the night now, it isn't because of hunger, once a dummy is in he is sound asleep.

Albee can wake up from any time between 5:30am and 7:30am. More often than not he alternates between an early and late one.

Now, you may be wondering why the Sleepyhead. Well, Albee used to sleep in a Moses basket, but it became pretty clear he didn't like it. He loves being snuggled up, warm and cosy. After lots of sleepless nights, we decided to try him in his sleepy head in a cot that we were leant. I had a brainwave moment one day and asked the question why does he sleep so well in the day but not at night, and it turns out the Sleepyhead had a lot to do with it. In the day I would put him in his Sleepyhead, so one evening we thought we would give it a go and low and behold, he slept straight through. So, Albee has been in it every night since. We also found the Sleepyhead great for travelling, even just going somewhere for the day; it always meant Albee could sleep comfortably with ease. If you're a fan of co-sleeping then Sleepyheads can work well for this, we never tried it, but I have friends who have. If you have any questions about Sleepyheads, they have an excellent FAQ's on their site -

He is at the stage now where he is ready to come out of the Sleepyhead and go into his cot, hopefully over the next month we will begin that transition. It is familiar to him, it smells like him, and after doing lots of research I came to the conclusion that it's safe for him to sleep in, but like I said, the little man is getting bigger and ready for his big boy cot! So stay tuned to read how that transition goes.

Some of you may be reading this, thinking that sounds like a terrible routine or maybe you do something similar, but all I can say is do whatever works for you and your baby. If my routine advice helps you, then that's awesome.

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