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Fowey Hall Hotel

At the beginning of March Albee, Ben and I packed up our car and headed off on a mini Cornish adventure to the beautiful South Coast Cornish town Fowey, to spend a weekend at Fowey Hall. It was, in fact, my second time visiting Fowey Hall but this time it wouldn't just be for high tea and spa treatment, I would finally get the chance to stay in one of their stunning rooms along with my family.

With this being Albee's first time in a hotel and our first mini break away not staying with family, I was a little nervous about how the weekend would go. What if I forgot a crucial bit of baby paraphernalia or what if he screamed all night and we couldn't enjoy dinner?

Thankfully, I am happy to report that our stay went unbelievably well, and precisely what we all needed. So here is what we got up to.

We arrived early evening on Friday quickly settling into our stunning room, which had panoramic views of the coastline. We got Albee set up, which didn't take long as the staff at Fowey Hall had taken care of all the details, meaning we didn't have to. With a changing mat, nappy bin, bottle warmer, cot and blanket; our stunning corner suite was entirely equipt for Albee, it also had everything we could possibly need. With stunning interiors and breathtaking views, we didn't want to leave.

With Albee ready for bedtime we started his routine and promptly ordered a bottle of red to the room to enjoy while we got ready for dinner. We opted to move Albee's cot into the children's room, to give us a bit of time to sip wine, in our robes and catch up. Life has been so busy for us both and this weekend away couldn't have come at a better time. We actually got to spend some quality time together.

With Albee going to sleep like a dream, Ben and I could enjoy a "grown-up" dinner. We took full advantage of the baby listen in the system, which for those who don't know, is essentially a baby monitor which goes off if the baby so much as coughs, alerting the reception staff, who then intern inform the parents.
To be completely honest, we were very nervous about using this, but trusted our instincts and did check on him a couple of times during dinner, but if I haven't said already, I have been blessed with a dream sleeper of a baby who once down very rarely stirs and the Friday night was no exception.

We got to enjoy the most beautiful dinner, with exquisite wine, local cuisine in a beautifully set dining room. I got to wear a lovely dress, some makeup and feel like the "pre-baby me" again. It felt so refreshing. We may have spent most of the night talking about Albee, but it was beautiful all the same.

The following morning we were up early ... very early in fact. Albee woke at 5am, so we all got into our ginormous bed for cuddles. When we were all finally ready to get up, we headed down for breakfast, Albee had already had his milk but as we are weaning, we decided to give him some fruit in the high chair provided, which was the first time we had ever fed him in a highchair and well, didn't he just love it! The hotel even provided Albee with his own big and tippee cup!

We took it in turns to enjoy our cooked breakfast and fresh coffee, with morning sun, shone through the family breakfast room, as we planned what we would do with our day, making plans around my all-important 2pm Spa appointment.

With nap time approaching I took Albee for a walk around the hotel grounds to get him off to sleep. When he had finally drifted off, I sat on one of the benches overlooking the Fowey Estuary and watched the wind blow through the trees. Albee slept for over an hour, it must have been the fresh sea air but he woke up full of smiles, so we popped him in the carrier and headed down into the town.

Taking the scenic route, we wandered down through the narrow streets, stopping off in the beautiful independent shops. We brought Albee an ocean and beach inspired book from a tiny book shop and a few other little trinkets. Stopping for a coffee, it was soon time to head back and my afternoon of relaxation to begin.

While Ben and Albee watched the ruby in our room, I headed down to the spa for a back and shoulder massage, followed by a facial. The therapist took the time to ask about any problem areas, we discussed my skin condition and chatting about the type of products they might use. I honestly could have stayed in that room all afternoon, but once my treatment was over, I was eager to head back to the room to see my boys.

We had all originally planned to head to the pool, but Albee had other plans, in fact, his teeth or should I say lack of teeth! As I wandered in the door, I was greeted by a rosy-cheeked grizzly baby who didn't know what he wanted. Knowing these nights too well, we quickly made the decision to inquire about room service (while I ordered a couple of the Fowey Hall Gin & Tonics - which we divine!).

We opted for room service as Albee took a while to go down, and with a slight temperature, we didn't feel happy leaving him. Again, I couldn't fault the hotel staff! We had the same high-level services and delicious food as we did the night before in the hotel restaurant but from the comfort of our room, in our robes with Albee tucked up in bed. We even took advantage of the hotels vast collection of DVD's and snuggled up in bed watching a film. I cannot remember the last time we did this.

Our final morning in the hotel was just as beautiful as the first, we took our breakfast a little earlier then went for a long walk down to Readymoney Cove. We sat in the sunshine, watching the gentle waves lap the shore while Albee slept in his pushchair. Our time in Fowye had come to an end for now, and we had to head back home.

Although we were heading home back to reality, we were heading home refreshed, rejuvenated and more connected. To be honest, I had never seen the appeal of staying in a hotel in your home country let alone your home my county, but after our weekend at Fowey Hall, I can honestly say I am a hotel convert. The weekend away was exactly what we as a family needed.

I honestly couldn't fault our stay, Fowey Hall go above and beyond to accommodate families, in fact, they are all about family, but still make the time to give the adults a "grown-up" experience too, all the while getting to enjoy the experience the luxury of spending time together as a family in a very relaxed and hassle-free environment.


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