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Eco Parenting

Before having Albee I never really considered how much waste a baby could generate, it was something that had never really entered my mind, but when I started to get prepared for his arrival, I began to think about ways in which I could reduce my waste as a parent. Because let's face it, this is something we should all be doing in all aspects of our lives. So, with today World Earth Day I thought it would make sense for me to share my experiences reusable nappies and wipes.

It's hard to change the bad habits we have all got into, but motherhood was something I had never experienced before, and I was adamant I would do my best to not get into any wasteful routines. However, I also wanted to be mindful that I didn't know how I would find my new role and didn't want to add any unnecessary pressure, so I decided to try and focus on one area at a time rather than setting my sights on being a 100% plastic free parent, because I knew I would struggle with this. The area I chose to focus on was nappy time.

It shocked me when I found out some nappies take 500 years to break down. Five hundred years, which is crazy, and something that hit home. Especially when I remember a breastfeeding specialist telling me to change Albee every time he needed feeding to ensure he was awake, and that he could feed every couple of hours!

I would say I change Albee's nappy (at age seven nearly eight months old) around 4/5 times in 24 hours, sometimes more sometimes less but let's go with 5. So that's five nappies a day, seven days a week, for a month, you're looking at 140 nappies per month. Crazy isn't it!

Then there are the wet wipes, don't get me started on those! Most don't decompose, most clog up our drains, sewage systems and waterways and most contain chemicals which are tough on our babies skin. I hate wet wipes and only use them if I am stuck.

So if you're a parent of expecting mother, father or parent already and you're looking to reduce your little one's waste here are some tips I would like to share and some brands I am using, and I trust. Not everyone is ready to give reusable nappies a go, they can seem daunting, time-consuming and the thought of cleaning up you know what can fill some with dread. Hopefully, I will convince you to give them a go and help reduce your little one's waste.

N A P P I E S 

I brought 4 Bambino Mio nappies from Aldi and have been sent two more from the brand as a gift. Five of the nappies are the all in one system, and one is the two-piece nappy.

I can say after using them for who knows how many months they are amazing. Both designs have their benefits. The all in ones are quick, easy to get on, but I found the two piece system could hold more and had more room for extra linning. At the start, we had some accidents, because one thing I didn't realise is that they cannot stay in the reusable nappies as long as the disposable ones (well Albee cannot anyway!). So, I had to make sure I changed him more or added extra linning.

Don't be scared to use them out and about. Bambino Mio also sells convenient wet bags, which you can put any dirty nappies, you can zip them away, carry them around with you until you can get home and wash them. Add extra linning if you're going on a big car journey or putting them down for a nap. You can buy additional nappy liners or even use muslins or flannel cloths.

Washing them isn't an issue. I kept his nappies in a nappy bin, with some essential oil in it. When the bin is full I wash them on their own or with my reusable nappy wipes. I use a Bio D nappy sanitiser as well which is excellent and always make sure I wash my machine once a month (which I did before anyway.)

W I P E S 

My advice, buy the Cheeky Wipes System. You will not regret it. They are great for all the fluids your baby will excrete. They have changed my life. I carry them around with me and on the odd occasion where I have to use a wet wipe I hate it! I cannot shout about this brand enough; I honestly think they are up there with one of the best things I have EVER received.

In the set you get

- One dirty box

- One clean box

- Cotton Pads/Wipes

- Two types of essential oils

They are so easy to use, you simply get your cotton wipes wet in the clean box, wipe away the mess on your little one, then chuck it in the dirty box — that simple.

And same as the nappies I store them in the dirty box until the end of the day and then wash them with the nappies.

I honestly do not know what I would do without the Cheeky Wipes and the Bambino Mio nappies. They are by far one of the best products I have been gifted as a mother. They are clean, hygienic and kind on your babies skin and earth friendly.

Now I have shared the brands I have been using here are my top tips!

Don't be hard on yourself
If you use a disposable one from time to time. Sometimes, you have those days and especially at the start when life is one big whirlwind!

Be prepared.
Take multiple wipes and nappies and a wet bag to put them in. You never know how many you're going to need when you're out and about.

Find your own way.
Understand what works for you if that's one reusable nappy a day that's cool. Just do what suits you and your lifestyle.

It's a small step but it's a step all the same and the more steps we all take to reduce our waste can only have a positive result on the environment we live in.



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