Monday, 14 October 2019

Only Hearts Azura Bay

Back when the sun was warm on my skin, my tan was a little darker, my hair laced with saltwater and the days felt endless. So, with summer feeling like a distant memory, I thought I'd share images from another one of collaboration with ethical lingerie and women's loungewear store Azura Bay and photographer Lizzie Churchill

This was, in fact, my first lingerie shoot since having my son. My body has changed, and so has my opinion of it, but much to my surprise, instead of disliking my body since childbirth, I love it more. 

It has a new purpose; it created life and has helped me nurture that life and continues to do so. I will never look at myself in the same way. 

One thing I couldn't wait to do when I felt fully recovered from birth was to get into some pretty underwear. I was sick of wearing big pants and sets that made me feel frumpy. I wanted to be in sets that made me feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

I hope you like the images and stay tuned for more from our collaboration.


This blog features images which were taken as part of a paid for collaboration 


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