Tuesday, 10 December 2019

DIY Wire Shell Ring

A little while ago, Kernowcraft sent me a Gemstone ring DIY kit. I couldn't believe how simple it was to put together and it really took no time at all! I actually didn't even use any tools, but you may want to use a spoon or if you have the kit, a bezel rocker.

It really is a two-step process and you have your very own stunning ring with the gemstone of your choice. It is very much a beginner-friendly kit, which would make the perfect gift for anyone who is a budding jewellery designer or who has a love of rings. 

Here is how I made my own Wire Shell Ring. 

Step 1
Place the cabochon into the ring setting.
Mine is a Peruvian Amazonite Cabochon

Step 2
Use a bezel rocker (or spoon!) to gently push the claws of the setting over the stone - alternating from each side, to keep the stone central. 

Or as I did, with my fingers, then later, finishing it off with a spoon to ensure it was secure.

There you have it! It is that simple. To grab on for yourself just click here

*gifted from Kernowcraft 


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