Saturday, 11 July 2020

Green People Handcare & Sun Creams

What a crazy few months that’s been, with the highs and lows have come some surprisingly happy moments. I have had some revelations during this time, and it’s made me realise what matters the most: my family, friends, our home and our health. I have slowed down, reflected and made changes. I now stop to smell the flowers when we walk. I bake more and have become more conscious about the products I am using, which is why I am so happy to be collaborating with Green People on another blog, this time, I will be focussing on the products we have been using in our home over the past month.

First up, we all know the importance of washing our hands. We did it before, but we are doing it more than ever. Albee is now at an age where he understands about washing hands; he loves it, he finds the process quite playful. As a family, we have been using the Green People Deep-Cleansing Hand Foam, which is suitable for sensitive skin. It’s a two in one hand wash and foam, which feels lovely on the skin. It’s 91% Organic and contains Australian Tea Tree extract, Manuka, Aloe Vera and Larch Tree, plus Lemon Tea Tree Oil.

Next up, with all the hand washing, I have been going a little crazy with the hand cream, and the Green People Everyday Hand Cream, which is scent-free has been my hand cream of choice. It’s instantly hydrating and is ultra-kind on the skin of all ages!

The hand care doesn’t stop here! The next product that I have been using, in my eyes in a game changer! Green People Edelweiss & Green Tea SPG 30 Hand Guard, yes you read that correctly, a handguard! We all know the importance of wearing SPF, especially on our faces, but our hands often get forgotten. It’s scent-free 84% organic, fast-absorbing and offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays! I keep this in my beach bag and make sure I always apply it as I would my face suncream.

Which, brings me perfectly onto suncream! We are big beach fans in this family, Albee is happiest when his a running around on the beach and splashing in the waves, which means SPF is essential to us. Also, as surfers, we have a duty of care to our oceans and using reef-safe sunscreens have something we always try to do. We have been using a selection of ocean-friendly suncream from Green People and can confirm; we are hooked. Albee’s skin is very sensitive and in the past has had reactions to suncream but the Organic Children Sun Lotion, SPF 30 has worked wonders on his skin. It’s rich in Aloe Vera and toddler-friendly. It rubs in quickly, doesn’t make him look like I’ve dipped him in white paint and feels comfortable on his skin! If you have a toddler, you will know how much they hate having cream put on them, but honestly, this suncream rubs in so quickly they are back playing in no time!

As for the creams, myself and Ben have been using, we have loved the family start kit! It’s a great way to test out the ones that work for us. They have also partnered with the Marine Conservation Society, since 2011, donating 20p from every sale of every one of their full-sized marine-friendly sun lotions! How awesome is that?

To shop the products click the links below!

Green People - Green People Handcare

Green People - Green People Sun Cream 

This blog was in paid partnership with Green People, but as you know, I never endorse anything I don’t fully support or use myself! 


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