Corinne Evans Jones is a surfer, writer and mother. Calling home the surfing capital of the UK, Newquay in Cornwall, she is a model, event coordinator, public speaker, founder of Corinne's Surf Tour and Assistant Editor at SurfGirl Magazine. 

Passionate about equality in surfing, Corinne has spent her time in the surfing limelight empowering women to take up surfing, while sharing her own experiences through global publication SurfGirl. From living a healthy lifestyle, sustainable parenting to staying motivated to surf, Corinne documents all aspects of her life through her online journal.

Living her life on the Cornish Coastline, Corinne embodies the true "surf mum" lifestyle. Spending her days off on the beach, with her son in tow, squeezing in a surf as and when she can. 

With over a decade of experience within the creative industry both in front and behind the camera, Corinne has worked with companies such as Jack Wills, Animal, MyProtein British Airways and Ford.

She is now looking to collaborate with like-minded brands that share her passion for equality, positive parenting and adventure.


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